Renovation VS Relocation

Renovation VS Relocation

Your office space should allow for collaboration and open communication, whilst also encouraging creativity and innovation. Functional office spaces can heavily impact the success rate of a company, with a direct connection to productivity and satisfaction levels. Rather, functionality and aesthetics serving equal importance to both staff and clients entering the space. A business workspace should reflect brand culture and values. Further, research has shown a direct relationship between motivational levels and workplace satisfaction.

The main thing to consider would be whether you are prepared to stay in the same location, but in an upgraded space, or to move entirely. Both can be expensive and lengthy processes, but essentially, the practicality should be your main priority. Is the office close to public transport? Does the office just need some new furniture or a complete re-designed layout? Where will you go whilst you are renovating? How long will it take for relocation specialists to move your stuff? Here are a couple of things to consider when torn between renovation and relocation.

Renovations often require permission and can be limited by restrictions set by building owners or a council. For physical changes to be made to the structure of a building, running everything by a commercial business owner in a space that you are renting will be quite difficult to navigate. If the building owner does allow for renovations, there will still most likely be limitations as to how much work can actually be done. Office fitout companies or interior designers should also be contacted during this process.

Renovations can often be a big distraction to an organization. Your company will have to listen to drills, hammers knocking away and people constantly moving in and out of the office. Staff members will most likely be cramped into temporary spaces. As renovations generally occur during business hours, it can cut into the productivity of workers and business owners. If the office accommodates client visits your clients may also be hesitant to visit or distracted by noise or dust. It is important to consider the expenses of a renovation, in addition to the expenses associated with a temporary office space whilst the renovations are going ahead.

If you are confident and comfortable in your current location but are wanting a bit of an office upgrade, it can be a rewarding experience to renovate the space you are currently in. It is also convenient for clients as you won’t have to notify them of a new office location. Particularly for businesses with long-term staff members, potentially that have moved houses or apartments to be closer to their place of work. Relocating entirely could cause upset and frustration to those who have moved closer to the job site.

Relocation is often more cost-effective than going through the process of renovation. Renovation can often face unexpected expenses from problems or obstacles that may arise. The most expensive part of the process would be to hire a relocation specialist that will handle your documentation and files with care. This is an essential part of relocation as it ensures safe and reliable management of company belongings. Another expense would be running your design past a commercial interior design company.

In terms of time management, it is common when businesses do not have time on their side, further a renovation is much quicker to achieve. Office renovations are not a one or two-day occurrence and often lasts weeks or even months depending on the project. Relocating can be done within a few days and business can resume as normal almost immediately. This is a big factor for those companies who can’t afford to close their office for long. If a company is heavily reliant on their space for busy client meetings, this is a better option so that profit is not lost.

Relocating gives you a clean slate. It offers an inspiring office environment and a new and improved corporate culture. The decision to relocate as opposed to renovating his business encourages an opportunity for a fresh start. Change can be a positive thing, it can help those who might be lacking excitement or motivation in the business. It is important to do your homework and to research accordingly, finding a location that is a reflection of your brand and also something that is located in an area that aligns with your demographic and target market. Does your new office space have the essential amenities, are you after a kitchen or shower room for example. Is there a gym nearby to encourage physical activity? Is there room allocation for client meetings or a boardroom for important team discussions?

If your office space is the same space you use to welcome your clients, it is important to consider the chairs and furniture of your waiting room. Is the choice of waiting room chair sufficient? Will your clients be comfortable in the new space? It is important to consider both aesthetics and comfort in this case.

Investing money in an office upgrade will be worth your while long term. Purchasing some furniture polish and maintaining the presentation of all your furniture is a good way to maintain a space so that it doesn’t start looking old or outdated. Wooden furniture can be expensive but remains in style and therefore will hold its value. It is a classic style of furniture that reflects sophistication and professionalism. Wood oil can be kept in the office and applied to furniture to avoid damages and scratches. This will save you lots of money in the future.

Whether you decide to relocate or renovate, both processes require extensive research and can be quite expensive for a business, however, the long-term benefits make it worth it. Deliberate with your team and ask for opinions, this may lean you more towards one side than the other. Let your project be driven by your values as a company, ensure space welcomes discussion and collaboration, creativity, and happiness! Make sure your office space allows for both professionalism and downtime, consider extra thought into desk selection and commercial office chairs as well as bean bags or cushions in a space that you can relax in when stressed.