Industries that Benefit from Job Agencies

Industries that Benefit from Job Agencies

The fast-rising technology has posed threats to job agencies. However, there are still some industries that heavily rely on and utilize the agency model. Relatively, there is also a great shift of job seekers resorting to online recruitment instead connecting themselves to companies looking for talented candidates (full-time and part-time) for direct hiring. With a great demand all over the world for actual human services, job agencies have been a huge help in filling up positions, roles and jobs for certain industries. While challenges like artificial intelligence (AI) arises, the following industries still benefit from job agencies:


The need for nanny services is something that may never need the assistance or improvement of technology. Would you rather a robot/computer look after your children or someone who has a personal touch? Communication, fun and memories are something that technology will never replace, this is why a modern nanny recruitment agency is thriving where other industries are failing.


Many developing countries are still on recruit for massive hiring for construction workers. There are many factories who are looking for experts in niche areas like working with wire furniture or specializing in designing and constructing galvanised steel mesh panels.

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While plumbers and electricians are required to hold certificates to be considered eligible for these positions, the rest require less educational attainment. This leads to a great need for job agencies to place them in the right companies without compromised contract benefits and legalities.


Nursing is a vastly growing industry. It’s quite alarming that in 2030, there is a projected downfall of 18 million nurses. As discussed in 2017 by a gathering of international health professionals held in Dublin, this is expected to be a worldwide dilemma. There would be 438,100 job openings in America according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the State of California in need the most. Because it’s yet another glorified helper for a status being a nurse, no American wants to do it. Because of the Filipinos’ ability to speak in English, they are the most hired to fill the position. They, along with millions and millions of applicants, go to agencies for placement all over the world for a nursing job. The culture was established this way and so, the nursing industry relies heavily on job agencies as well.


If there is land to build infrastructures, resorts and housing projects in countries gifted with vast lands like United Arab Emirates, Canada and the United States, job agencies would always be searching for the right candidates to help build these. And so, architecture and design industry are another industry that benefits from job agencies.

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The above-mentioned countries would continuously expand and so the demand for architects in line with the demand for construction workers are directly proportional. While architects are more compensated than the construction workers, places like Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and Hong Kong are fond of seeking candidates through job agencies, rather than hiring directly. Nowadays, there’s a trending digital 3d design that makes rendering done to cater clients overseas. However, it’s the ones with “green design” that means sustainable design is what’s in demand. So, anybody who has a background with agricultural reform and environmental science can altogether be a plus. These are usually rural graduates or exposed to agricultural provinces.

These challenge the involvement of job agencies but until 2026, additional architects on the loop would only be 4% which is significantly lower than the previous years. It’s not enough to replace the retiring group of architects and so, it’s safe to say there’d be a great demand for them very soon.


A lot of entertainers are needed to fill in cruise ships, heme parks, hotel resorts and tourist attractions. Since most of the recruiters are asked of group package deals, job agencies need massive applicants to audition their piece. And when we pertain to entertainers, it doesn’t just speak of vocalists and dancers, but it also includes aerialists, jugglers, cyclists, contortionists, pianists and many more solo acts. Without job agencies that scout these entertainers from Morocco to South Africa to Samoa and to Brazil, the entertainment industry might be left lifeless, plateau and boring. But because of its great demand for type casting, global recruitment every now and then is done.

While these may be the top industries that benefit from job agencies, there are those who may also be considered like the Manufacturing Industry, where engineers are involved. The Academe where 68.8 million teachers are needed by 2030 to provide 260 million un-enrolled kids some quality education. And lastly, the Oil Sector and Mining, most especially in Canada since it’s the 3rd most important industry in the country. For now, assessing applicants requires critical personality assessment that covers pleasing personality and moral values and AI cannot achieve that just yet.